Trainers symposium

Trainers symposium

Vindt plaats op tot en met

Trainers block december 10 and 11 in your agenda!

We proudly present the NKBV trainersweekend. Big names from the (inter)national sports come to Utrecht's Bouldergym Sterk to share their knowledge and experience. With this the weekend aims not only to be diverse and informative, but most of all inspiring and motivating!

Do you want to check out what the workshops are about, click here (in Dutch).

This registrationform is for foreign participants only. Do you live in The Netherlands, than this form is carefully created for you.

For whom?
Every active trainer can register. A NKBV trainersdiploma is not yet needed. Trainers with education will be able to register earlier though, and they will receive a discount on the entrance prices. 
Some of the workshops will only be available for regional or national coaches, who work with athletes competing on (inter)national level. These are marked with selectiontrainer or SKT3/ SKT4. 

Are you not a selectiontrainer, but are you curious about the workshop with Patxi or Madeleine? Than let us know on the registrationform. If after closing of the registration we still have places, you might get lucky! 

Location and details
The trainersweekend is organised by the NKBV in cooperation with Bouldergym Sterk. With their superb boulderwall, spacious training facility and a room for lectures this is an ideal location for the occasion.

€50,- per day for all enthousiast trainers without NKBV trainerslicense.*
€30,- per day for all trainers with an SKT2, SKT3 or SKT4 license or following the course to become one.*
€10,- per day for Regional Talent Centre or National trainers*
* Prices are including lunch.

These are some of the names will be starring during the weekend:

Patxi Usobiaga (ESP)Trainer/ Coach PUC series.   Train with one of the biggest! Not only was Patxi the master of the international competition circuit for years, amongst others by being world champion, he also coaches some of the biggest stars of this moment: Both Adam Ondra and Chris Sharma make new steps in their development under his supervision. 

Subject: Trainingscience (theory and practise)








Dorian van Rijsselberghe (NED) - Multiple Olympic Chamion Windsurfing.  What do windsurfing and climbing have in common?! Both are lifestyle sports, where participating at competitions is not the standard. Dorian is multiple Olympic Champion in windsurfing and will talk about his experiences developing from a young guy loving to be on the water to where he is now.. still enjoying to be on the water! What did he need from coaches and trainers he worked with, and what does he need now? 

Subject: Developing into topsport in a lifestyle sport

Madeleine Eppensteiner (AUT)Sportpsychologist.  Madeleine is another well know name in the international competition circuit. As a youthclimber and later also a senior boulderer, she climbed for Austria. It is this experience, and her education in sportpsychology, that she combines to work with athletes on their mental skills.

Subject: Mental skills








Martijn Nijhof (NED) - Talentcoach of the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Federation, National youth coach and lector motor learning and motor controlHow can I as a trainer create an environment that invites athletes to learn to move better? And what does this asks from me as a coach in the interaction with athletes? During this workshop Martijn will go into the latests insights on motor learning and motor control. 

Martijn Jacobs (NED) - sportteacher, climbing coach and physiotherapist.  Martijn Jacobs is an experienced trainer who translates insights in motor learning into training for climbing. Together with Martijn Nijhoff there will be a practical workshop on bringing theoretical insights into practice on a climbing wall.

Subject: Motor learning

Jorg Verhoeven – Allround World Cup winner, Allround topclimber


Subject: Creating a performance environment


In the last years Jorg has seen multiple impressive climbing areas and climbed some of the most impressive lines in all possible disciplines. He spent time in Yosemite, where he climbed The Nose, in Australia - where he ticked The Weel of Life and in the South African Rocklands. During this presentation the best images will leave marks on your eyesight and ears will be left buzzing by Jorgs stories. 

Subject: Filmpresentation

Nikki van Bergen (NED) - Multiple Dutch champion lead and boulder, movement scientist.      Nikki van Bergen is ofcourse an international star in the Netherlands, powering through every Dutch climbing competition. Internationally we see her in semi-finals in most every competition she competes in. For her study in movement sciences and together with the National youth coaches she works on a framework for talent development in climbing. 

Subject: Talentdevelopment

Bart Schmeits (NED)Trainereducator NOC*NSF/ Academie voor Sportkader.   

Subject: Motivating kids in puberty

Brenda Frunt (NED)Sport nutritionist, writer Gold on your Plate. After her education at CIOS Sport and Movement Brenda went on to study Nutrition and diatics, specialising in Sport Nutrition. After creating her own company De Voedingsacademie, she wrote the book Gold on your Plate (

Subject: Sportsnutrition




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